Financial Planning (India)

Personal and Family Financial Planning (India)

Financial Planning helps you achieve the freedom to ring fence your most important desires from financial constraints. ADEPTALLY has all the right qualities to be your partner in financial planning. Find more details below:
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Financial Freedom is less about Financials and more about FREEDOM.
You do pay a price for your Financial Freedom, but it is far lesser than what you pay for a Lifetime Slavery.
– Manoj Arora, Author of ‘From Rat Race to Financial Freedom’

Freedom. It is our right. It is also something we often take for granted – financial freedom, more so. We think we can always succumb to our desire to spend money, at any time, without any consequences. The sobering truth though is that everyone needs to struggle to reach and maintain this financial freedom. Our desires have a way to always outpace our resources. If we succumb to them, we may not be left with enough money to fund what we value the most. The good news is that we can still ring fence the most important desires that need to be fulfilled from the vagaries of resource constraints. The bad news is that you often cannot do it alone. That is why the wise and the independent amongst you approach fee-only financial planners.

We at ADEPTALLY are your allies in this freedom struggle. Here are just some of the points why ADEPTALLY is an ideal financial planning partner for you:

  • We are qualified: ADEPTALLY is founded and headed by a qualified Chartered Accountant. We provide smart, studied, and suitable financial planning advice to each client.

  • We do taxes: Be it NRIs, HUFs, or even salaried employees – we give income tax advice to all individuals, families, and family-run businesses.

  • We are fee-only: ADEPTALLY works on a fee-only model – your fees are the only income we earn from financial planning practice. This ensures that we have only your interests in mind.

  • We follow a goal-based approach: ADEPTALLY keeps your goals and aspirations on top of our mind while providing you financial planning solutions. This ensures that you achieve things that matter the most to you, within the resources you have.

  • We work with scanned documents: At ADEPTALLY, we have no love for paper documents or printouts. Our clients simply upload scanned and encrypted data files on a secure cloud-based platform for data exchange and provide our team with access to the data. This saves precious time, keeps data safe and improves operational flexibility for our clients

  • We collaborate virtually: We support leading collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams. These apps allow for flexibility of time and secure exchange of inputs vis-à-vis emails, keeping your information safe.

  • We are a race, religion, and ideology-agnostic, LGBTQ-friendly outfit: We respect your life choices and decisions, and do not judge you. We know well that everyone needs their finances planned well, regardless of their race, religion, ideology, and orientation.

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