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Bookkeeper Staffing Services

Accountants, accounting firms and CPAs face severe shortage of bookkeepers, tax preparers and allied accounting staff in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. ADEPTALLY’s Bookkeeper Staffing services help accountants overcome talent shortages and grow their business. Scroll below to find out more about our services!
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So many Accountants and Financial Planners face staff shortages today, and so they find themselves in an unenviable position.

At one end, they lose on perfectly good sales leads because their current staff proves to be inadequate to handle the additional work; while at the other end, the Accountants and Financial Planners have to prepare for unplanned increases in the wages of their current staff so as to retain them.  In short, if an accounting business does not get its staffing strategy right, then it loses out on a healthy revenues and profits growth.

ADEPTALLY’s Bookkeeper Staffing service gives the accountants and financial planners an option to find and hire trained, certified, English-speaking accounting and finance staff, without burning a hole in their wallet.

Here is how ADEPTALLY helps the accountants overcome their staffing problems:

  • Find, screen, co-interview, and onboard trained, certified, English-speaking accounting staff from India
  • Keep staff costs under control by hiring candidates at mutually agreeable terms
  • Provide the hired staff a productive, safe and equipped office space and computers in India, so that the staff is adequately monitored

Here are just some of the points why ADEPTALLY is an ideal fit for a 21st century business like yours

  • Full-time & Professional Chartered Accountants
  • Adept at working with soft-copies and collaborating virtually using leading apps
  • Adept at using leading cloud-based accounting apps like QuickBooks, Xero
  • Adept at using leading reporting tools like Power BI, Excel, Sheets
  • Support a wide range of professionals and small businesses – size no bar
  • LGBTQ-friendly, race, religion, and ideology-agnostic outfit

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