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Estate Planning

You need to be proactive in planning your inheritance and posthumous communication with your heirs. ADEPTALLY could help you in estate planning. Find out more about our services below!
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Inheritance is always a sensitive topic both for those who bequeath as well as those who inherit. As an estate owner, you need to give a crystal clear idea to those who you care for about how they will be provided for in your absence.

ADEPTALLY can help you systematically plan your estate transmissions and wills. Here’s how:

  • Preparation of Asset and Liability Inventory: Preparing an exhaustive report on your assets and liabilities to keep you on top of your estate management.

  • Preparation of an Estate Plan: Generating, documenting and finalizing strategies for estate planning and nomination.

  • Drafting and registration of Wills: Planning, drafting and documentation of wills in written and video formats.

  • Review of the Estate Plan: Periodically reviewing the estate plan and nominations – because when life happens, even best-laid estate plans can get affected.

  • Customized Estate Planning Services: We can serve your unique estate planning requirements, and provide you with customized bookkeeping packages

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