Bookkeeping for Service providers (in the USA, UK, and Canada)

Bookkeeping for Medical Professionals

We provide Bookkeeping services to doctors, dentists and most other healthcare professionals. Our services range from handholding to hands-on bookkeeping. Find out more about our services below!
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A doctor should be a clown at heart, a scientist at brain and a mother at conscience.
– Abhijit Naskar, Neuroscientist & Author, Time to Save Medicine

That is true of all the healthcare professionals though, not just doctors. After playing the roles of a clown, a scientist, and a mother for their patients day in and day out, healthcare pros are left with no time to track the financial progress of their clinic. If only someone adept could play those roles for healthcare pros and crunch their numbers!

Enter ADEPTALLY! Here are different methods in which ADEPTALLY can help the healthcare pros maintain books for their clinics:

  • Set-up and Initial Handholding: We help in setting up your chart of accounts and migration of master data in cloud-based software like Quickbooks Online. We also provide online training, broad oversight and other support services to you and your in-house bookkeeping team.

  • 6-3-3 Bookkeeping: 6-3-3 is a reference to the frequency of bookkeeping – the first lot of transactions are accounted for after 6 months from the start of the year, second after another quarter, and third after the end of the year. This method is useful for those pros who prefer to review their finances every 6 months and keep their books ready for their CPAs soon after the year-end.

  • Quarterly: Under his method, we account for clients’ business transactions every quarter. This method is useful for those interested in reviewing their finances every 3 months.

  • Monthly: Most preferred method of most small business owners, under which we account for clients’ business transactions every month. It is very useful for monthly financial reviews.

  • Cleanup Services: You have maintained your books of accounts for an ongoing or past period, but the books don’t tally, or there is something amiss. We can help you clean up and tally those difficult transactions!

  • Catch-up Services: When you need our help in bookkeeping for a few past periods.

  • Customized Services: We can serve your unique bookkeeping requirements, and provide you customized bookkeeping packages!

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